FSC™ C127234


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English name: Beech

Latin name: Fagus sylvatica

Family: Fagaceae

Genus: Fagus

Other name(s): European Beech

Features: Beech is typically a pale cream color, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. Veneer tends to be slightly darker colored, as slicing the veneer usually requires the wood to be prepared with steam, which gives the wood a more golden tone. Flatsawn surfaces tend to be very plain, while quartersawn surfaces exhibit a silvery fleck pattern.

Trees and distribution: Large trees, up to 30m, more than 1m in diameter, distributed in Europe.

Material: Grain is straight, with a fine to medium uniform texture. Moderate natural luster. Beech is considered non-durable or perishable; it is also susceptible to insect attack. Overall good workability; it machines well, and glues, finishes, and turns well. Beech also responds superbly to steam-bending. It does, however, have a large amount of movement in service, so movement and wood stability must be taken into account. No characteristic odor.

Applications: Lumber, veneer, flooring, boatbuilding, furniture, cabinetry, musical instruments (piano pinblocks), plywood, and turned objects.


Greatwood Holdings Limited

Greatwood Holdings Limited

Greatwood Holdings Limited