FSC™ C127234


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English name: Aspen

Latin name: Populus tremula

Genus: Populus

Other name(s): European Aspen, Common Aspen, Poplar.

Features: Heartwood tends to be a light brown. Wide sapwood is a pale yellow to nearly white, and isn’t clearly demarcated, tending to gradually blend into the heartwood. Grain is generally straight, with a uniform medium texture. Low natural luster.

Trees and distribution: Large trees, up to 15m, more than 0.6m in diameter, distributed in temperate regions of Europe and Asia.

Material: Rated as non-durable, and also susceptible to insect attack. Easy to work with hand and machine tools, though sharp cutters are necessary when planing to avoid fuzzy surfaces, (subsequent fine-sanding may be necessary to obtain a smooth surface). Does not split easily, and has poor nail-holding capability. Wood has a tendency to warp and distort during drying. Glues and finishes well.No characteristic odor.

Applications: Boxes/crates, veneer, plywood, and various utility purposes.

Greatwood Holdings Limited

Greatwood Holdings Limited