FSC™ C127234


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English name: Tali

Latin name: Erythrophleum spp.

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Genus: Erythrophleum

Other name(s): Tali( Ivory Coast, Congo, Liberia, Cameroon), Missanda( Mozambique, Britain), Elone, Eloun( Gabon, Cameroon),Alu, Alui( Ivory Coast), Gogbei( Sierra Leone), Mancone, Potrodum( Ghana), Erun, Sasswood( Nigeria), N`kasa( Congo), Kassa( Zaire), Mwavi( Tanzania), Muave(Zambia), Lim, Limxank, Lin.

Features: Heartwood slightly obvious. The heartwood is yellow brown to reddish brown, with a deep concentric round stripe. Sapwood pale yellow.

Trees and distribution: Large trees, up to 28m, more than 1m in diameter, distributed in Africa, Eastern Asia, and Northern Oceania.

Material: Wood with a gloss, texture staggered, heavy shrinkage, easy lathe turning, sanding and adhesive performance, corrosion resistance, slow drying performance.

Applications: Heavy construction, railroad ties, harbor work, naval architecture.

Greatwood Holdings Limited

Greatwood Holdings Limited