FSC™ C127234

Rose Gum

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English name: Rose Gum

Latin name: Eucalyptus Grandis

Genus: Eucalyptus

Other name(s): Flooded Gum, Eucalyptus

Features: Heartwood color ranges from pink to reddish brown. Paler sapwood is sometimes indistinct from heartwood.

Trees and distribution: Large trees, up to 30m, more than 1.2m in diameter, distributed in Eastern Australia; also grown on plantations worldwide.

Material: Usually straight-grained or shallowly interlocked, with a uniform medium to coarse texture. Rated as durable to very durable; poor insect resistance. Fairly easy to work with both hand and machine tools, though Rose Gum experiences a large amount of shrinkage when drying, and a relatively large amount of movement in service. Glues, stains, and finishes well. No characteristic odor.

Applications: Flooring, millwork, furniture, and boatbuilding.

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