FSC™ C127234


  Greatwood Holdings Limited is an international trade group focusing on resources. Relying on the demand of the world's large building materials manufacturers, it specializes in the production and marketing of agricultural and forestry products in the world. The wood business covers log, sawn timber, veneer, wood-based panel, coconut palm fiber and other wood industries, supplemented by special brand stores of cutting board, chopsticks, wooden tea tray and Buddha bead bracelet, involving construction, medical technology and livestock and agricultural products.

    Greatwood Holdings Limited is committed to building the integrity of the production and marketing supervision of the world's forest resources, holding the world's wood and agricultura resources, cooperating with local manufacturing groups, quoting the green forest management system, promoting and realizing the complementarity of the source and terminal manufacturing of the forest farm of the production and marketing supervision of wood resources (FM / COC) and the coherence of wood production and marketing. Maintain the legal source of wood and agriculture, and maintain the sustainability and supply stability of wood and agriculture.

  We have accumulated many years of import and export experience in the agricultural, forestry and building materials industry, and have rich operating experience in international transactions and transshipment. Greatwood Holdings has a professional team to deal with international agricultural and forestry certification, transnational procurement, transnational warehousing and transportation and transnational sales.


We are most focused on quality and environmental protection. All products we sell have management certification in their respective professional fields, such as FDA, TUV, SGS, JPIC, SP and ISO certifications