Carbon Fiber and Composites Experts碳纤维和复合材料专家designs and manufactures carbon fiber composites and parts for customers nationwide. From high-end robotics to precision industrial and manufacturing,为全国客户

Carbon Fiber and Composites Experts


designs and manufactures carbon fiber composites and parts for customers nationwide. From high-end robotics to precision industrial and manufacturing,


Our engineers solve problems and deliver solutions using the latest composites technologies.


Connect with us for industry-leading composites expertise. More than just a composite manufacturer, our composites knowledge and experience generate real innovation to fulfill our customers’ needs. Whether you need a single prototype or a reliable supplier for thousands of components, Clearwater delivers.

与我们联系,获取行业领先的复合材料专业知识。我们的复合材料知识和经验不仅仅是一家复合材料制造商,我们的复合材料知识和经验还产生了真正的创新,以满足客户的需求。无论您是需要单个原型还是数千个组件的可靠供应商,Clearwater 都能满足您的需求。

The Clearwater Promise


Certified to AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 standards, Clearwater runs a responsive, nimble operation with relentless attention to detail. We pair creativity with precision to deliver customized solutions. Because we have excellent customer service, on-time performance, and deep composites expertise, we are the Gold Standard in composites manufacturing.

已通过 AS9100D 和 ISO9001:2015 标准认证,运营响应迅速、灵活,对细节一丝不苟。我们将创造力与精确性相结合,以提供定制的解决方案。因为我们拥有卓越的客户服务、准时性能和深厚的复合材料专业知识,我们是复合材料制造的黄金标准。


Connect with Clearwater for experts who know composite materials down to the molecule. From the materials science to part design and manufacturability, our teams bring time-tested expertise and inventive energy to every project. We speak your language and deliver solutions.

与 Clearwater 联系,了解从复合材料到分子的专家。从材料科学到零件设计和可制造性,我们的团队为每个项目带来久经考验的专业知识和创造力。我们说您的语言并提供解决方案。


You can count on our U.S.A. facility to consistently produce the highest quality of composites. Our engineers and manufacturing experts will produce long-lasting and highly durable products that outperform the competition every time. Our ability to solve problems and produce turnkey solutions has built long-term partnerships with many of our customers.



Carbon Fiber Drones and UAVs


The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drone industry, is growing at an ever-increasing rate as the machines prove to be valuable in a wide variety of industries. Carbon fiber drone components have dramatically improved flight capabilities. From recreational flying to commercial inspections, drone-captured video is the way of the future.

无人机 (UAV) 或无人机行业正在以不断增长的速度增长,因为这些机器在各种行业中被证明是有价值的。碳纤维无人机部件大大提高了飞行能力。从休闲飞行到商业检查,无人机捕获的视频是未来的发展方向。


High-performance drones must be light, quick and strong. Many drone manufacturers are incorporating carbon fiber tubes and carbon fiber plates into their designs to take advantage of the lightweight rigidity carbon fiber offers.



Our team of carbon fiber experts look forward to helping you reduce weight with carbon fiber solutions for your weight sensitive UAV or drone needs.










Sporting Goods-Lighter. Faster. Stronger.


Like athletes and sportsmen, the Composites team always strives for perfection. We’re passionate about providing carbon fiber gear that is lighter, faster and stronger so competitive athletes and sportsmen can achieve more.


















Carbon Fiber Industrial Equipment碳纤维工业设备



As many industries shift from using aluminum or steel in many products to carbon fiber or other composite materials, they’re experiencing higher performance with less weight. For example, we created a carbon fiber lance that extended a paint tube up to 27′ and was over 70% lighter than an equivalent stiffness steel tube.Steel tubing proved too heavy for this application, but carbon fiber tubing got the job done without sacrificing any performance.


随着许多行业从在许多产品中使用铝或钢转向碳纤维或其他复合材料,他们正在体验到更高的性能和更轻的重量。例如,我们创造了一种碳纤维喷枪,可将油漆管延长至 27 英尺,并且比同等刚度钢管轻 70% 以上。 事实证明,钢管对于这种应用来说太重了,但碳纤维管在不牺牲任何性能的情况下完成了工作。


Our engineers have provided industrial equipment solutions utilizing carbon fiber products for clients in a variety of applications. Our clients have found the strength and stiffness of carbon fiber superior to other materials.



We’ve developed carbon fiber or composites solutions for the following industries, and more.


Medical Equipment医疗设备

Machinery/Machining Equipment机械/机械加工设备

Measuring and High-end Testing Equipment测量和高端测试设备

Printing Equipment印刷设备


Carbon Fiber Products in the Robotics Industry机器人行业的碳纤维产品


The opportunities to utilize carbon fiber products in the robotics industry are essentially limitless. Carbon fiber parts can be used to reduce weight, increase part stiffness and ultimately improve automation processes.Carbon fiber’s endless versatility and capability to be fabricated into any size or shape make it a valuable material for robotics applications.

在机器人行业中使用碳纤维产品的机会基本上是无限的。碳纤维零件可用于减轻重量,增加零件刚度,并最终改善自动化过程。 碳纤维具有无穷无尽的多功能性和可制成任何尺寸或形状的能力,使其成为机器人应用的宝贵材料。


Robotics fabricated with carbon fiber tubes, plates or other custom shapes perform better than when made with other materials. In fact, many applications have demonstrated:



Increased speed and faster response times提高速度和响应时间

Improved productivity and profitability提高生产力和盈利能力

Expanded product lifespans延长产品寿命

Reduced strain on motorized components减少对电动部件的压力

Decreased downtime减少停机时间






Roll Wrapping卷管


Roll wrapping is an excellent process to produce high quality carbon fiber tubing and fiberglass tubing.The roll wrapping process utilizes pre-impregnated (prepreg) carbon fiber or fiberglass materials.The prepreg is cut into patterns with specific fiber orientations.The patterns are rolled onto a mandrel and then wrapped with a thin plastic film.The plastic film applies pressure and contains the resin during the curing cycle.After the part has cured, the mandrel is extracted and the plastic film is removed.

卷绕是生产高质量碳纤维管和玻璃纤维管的绝佳工艺。 卷筒包装工艺采用预浸渍(预浸料)碳纤维或玻璃纤维材料。 预浸料被切割成具有特定纤维取向的图案。 将图案卷到心轴上,然后用薄塑料薄膜包裹。 塑料薄膜在固化周期中施加压力并包含树脂。 零件固化后,取出心轴并去除塑料薄膜。

Advantages of Roll Wrapping


Maximum Strength and Stiffness – the use of prepreg materials and the ability to precisely control fiber orientation results in maximizing the performance of carbon fiber and fiberglass products

最大强度和刚度 – 预浸料的使用和精确控制纤维取向的能力可最大限度地提高碳纤维和玻璃纤维产品的性能

Customization – prepreg plies can readily be added or subracted allowing the tube to be customized with different wall thicknesses

定制 – 预浸料层可以很容易地添加或分装,允许使用不同的壁厚定制管材

No Minimum Quantities – Because each tube is made one at a time, small production runs are available.

无最小数量限制 – 由于每根管子一次生产一根,因此可以进行小批量生产。


Carbon Fiber Prototyping碳纤维原型制作


We thrive at creating genuinely innovative composite designs—unique parts that utilize carbon fiber to meet your expectations and requirements. Our reputation in the composites industry has been built on our capacity for problem-solving and innovation. If you’re not sure whether carbon fiber is the right fit for your application, talk with our engineers today.

我们致力于创造真正创新的复合材料设计 - 利用碳纤维的独特零件来满足您的期望和要求。我们在复合材料行业的声誉建立在我们解决问题和创新的能力之上。如果您不确定碳纤维是否适合您的应用,请立即与我们的工程师联系。

We offer prototyping services using our existing process methods.Or, when the need arises, we will develop a new process altogether to meet your needs and requirements. Our carbon fiber prototyping team will help you determine not only the optimal part design but also the best manufacturing process for it.

我们使用现有的工艺方法提供原型设计服务。 或者,当需要时,我们将完全开发一个新流程以满足您的需求和要求。我们的碳纤维原型团队不仅可以帮助您确定最佳的零件设计,还可以帮助您确定最佳的制造工艺。

Existing composite process methods include: 现有的复合工艺方法包括:

Roll Wrapping卷管

Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) 树脂传递模塑

Bladder Molding气囊成型

Vacuum Bagging真空袋

Compression Molding压缩成型

Other proprietary processes 其他专有工艺


Composites Engineering Capabilities复合材料工程能力


When you need something done right, you need engineers who can do the design and modeling necessary to prove out your product on paper before manufacturing anything.We employs actual engineers, not only people with a passion for carbon composites. We know getting the engineering right is often everything in these cases.

当您需要正确完成某些事情时,您需要能够进行必要的设计和建模的工程师,以便在制造任何东西之前在纸上证明您的产品。 我们雇用的是真正的工程师,而不仅仅是对碳复合材料充满热情的人。我们知道,在这些情况下,正确的工程设计通常是一切。

Can my metal part be made out of carbon fiber?Will it be strong or stiff enough?What is the best way to make a carbon fiber part?

我的金属零件可以用碳纤维制成吗? 它是否足够坚固或足够坚硬? 制作碳纤维零件的最佳方法是什么?

We specializes in designing composite products for a variety of needs, from consumer products, and sporting goods, to robotic equipment and industrial applications.Whether it is a carbon fiber tube, a plate, or a complex shaped part, our team of composites materials engineers are ready to bring your need into a real world solution.

我们专注于设计满足各种需求的复合材料产品,从消费品和体育用品到机器人设备和工业应用。 无论是碳纤维管、板材还是复杂形状的零件,我们的复合材料工程师团队都随时准备将您的需求带入现实世界的解决方案。

Reverse Engineering逆向工程

Are you looking to source or design your own composite part that is being supplied overseas?


Or, maybe you want to figure out why your competitor’s carbon fiber part is more durable than yours. Put our team of technical experts on it.


Thanks to our extensive knowledge of carbon fiber, and, composite materials, our team can reverse engineer existing composite parts. We are able to determine the composite design, including material identification, ply orientations, material thickness, void contents, and, additional information.



Exterior Finishing外部饰面

We offers a variety of exterior finishes to provide our customers with turnkey solutions.


Various exterior finish options are available on all carbon fiber products. Typical options are:


1. Standard Finish – “Cello-wrap” 1. 标准表面处理 – “大提琴包装”

Cello-wrap is slang for describing the textured exterior of carbon fiber tubes made using the roll wrapping process.As shown in the photo to the right, the surface of the carbon fiber tube is slightly textured with small resin ridges, about 0.001″ thick.

大提琴包装是俚语,用于描述使用卷绕工艺制成的碳纤维管的纹理外观。 如右图所示,碳纤维管的表面略有纹理,有小树脂脊,厚度约0.001英寸。

2. Sanded Finish2. 打磨处理

Smooth exterior finish with a matte-like exterior where the tubes are the color of graphite (greyish).This is seen in the two tubes on the left side of the picture (the three tubes on the right have cello-wrap finish)

光滑的外部饰面,具有哑光般的外观,其中管子是石墨的颜色(灰色)。 这在图片左侧的两个管子中可以看到(右侧的三个管子有大提琴包装饰面)

3. Ground Finish3. 地面处理

Ground finish refers to centerless grinding the carbon fiber tubes to a precise OD tolerance.The carbon fiber tubing has the same matte-like finish as sanded, but with an added advantage of tighter OD tolerances.

研磨光洁度是指将碳纤维管无心研磨至精确的外径公差。 碳纤维管具有与打磨相同的哑光光面,但具有更严格的外径公差的额外优势。

4. Clearcoat Finish4. 清漆饰面

The clearcoat finish is generally a glossy exterior that brings out the carbon fiber “look” of the carbon fiber tubes.The clearcoat also provides UV resistance to sunlight exposure.The picture to the rightshows the difference between a cello-wrap and clearcoated carbon fiber tube with the 2×2 twill carbon fabric.

清漆饰面通常是有光泽的外观,带出碳纤维管的碳纤维“外观”。 清漆还具有抗紫外线能力,可抵抗阳光照射。 右图显示了大提琴包裹和透明涂层碳纤维管与2×2斜纹碳纤维织物之间的区别。

5. Painted Finish5. 涂漆饰面

A painted exterior in various colors is possible.Although this is not a popular choice for most of our customers, it is common for carbon fiber fishing rods, golf shafts and softball bats.

可以涂上各种颜色的油漆外观。 虽然这对我们大多数客户来说不是一个受欢迎的选择,但它在碳纤维钓鱼竿、高尔夫球杆和垒球棒中很常见。




We offers turnkey machining services to our customers, whether this be a simple hole, or, more complex CNC machining with high precision tolerances.Capabilities include:

我们为客户提供交钥匙加工服务,无论是简单的孔,还是具有高精度公差的更复杂的CNC加工。 功能包括:



CNC Machining





Centerless Grinding


We also provide our customers with general advice on how best to machine carbon fiber.








Bonding and Assembly粘接和组装


We provides bonding and assembly services enabling our customers to receive-in turnkey products ready for use.Examples of common applications include:

我们提供粘接和组装服务,使我们的客户能够收到随时可用的交钥匙产品。 常见应用的示例包括:

Carbon fiber tube ferrules


Composite to metal joints — steel and aluminum

复合材料到金属接头 — 钢和铝

Carbon fiber to plastic — PEEK, nylon and other plastics

碳纤维到塑料 — PEEK、尼龙和其他塑料

Bonding carbon fiber and composites can be mysterious to some.It is critical to have a sound design, along with the right materials and process control. Our staff has extensive knowledge in bonding carbon fiber to other components and is here to assist in your project.

粘合碳纤维和复合材料对某些人来说可能是神秘的。 拥有合理的设计以及正确的材料和过程控制至关重要。我们的员工在将碳纤维粘合到其他部件方面拥有丰富的知识,并在这里为您的项目提供帮助。






Add On Services附加服务

Add on services vary based on size, diameter, tolerances, volume etc. If you would like a quote, or have questions on tolerance/capabilities please give us a callor email us at in. Feel free to reach out with any questions.




Per cut: Based on OD每次切割:基于外径

0”-0.99″ OD: $10 for the first cut (per length), $1.50 per cut thereafter 0“-0.99” 外径:第一次切割 10 美元(每个长度),之后每次切割 1.50 美元

1.00”-4” OD: $10 for the first cut (per length), $3.00 per cut thereafter 1.00“-4” 外径:第一次切割 10 美元(每长度),之后每次切割 3.00 美元



Setup: $10.00 per order 设置:每笔订单$ 10.00

Per master tube: Based on OD 每个主管:基于 OD

0”-0.99″ OD: $10 per master tube0“-0.99” 外径:每根主管 10 美元

1”-1.99″ OD: $10 per master tube1“-1.99” 外径:每个主管 10 美元

2”-3.125″ OD: $15 per master tube 2“-3.125” 外径:每个主管 15 美元


Clearcoat: (may loose 1″-2″ in length) 清漆:(长度可能松散 1“-2”)

Sanding: See price list above 打磨:见上面的价目表

Per master tube: Based on OD 每个主管:基于 OD

0”-1″ OD:$3 per foot 0“-1” 外径:每英尺 3 美元

1.1”-2″ OD: $4.5 per foot1.1“-2” 外径:每英尺 4.5 美元

We are capable of clearcoating tubes up to 72″ in length能够清除长达72英寸的管材


Bonding: Pricing based on bonding ferrule tubing. Custom bonds are quoted per project.


Setup: $35.00 per order 设置:每笔订单$ 35.00

Per Bond: Based on OD 每笔债券:基于OD

0”-1.5″ OD: $10 per bond 0“-1.5” 外径:每张债券 10 美元

1.5”-4″ OD: $15 per bond 1.5“-4” 外径:每张债券 15 美元




Add On Services: How much do "Add-On" Services cost? 附加服务:“附加”服务的费用是多少?


Carbon Fiber vs. Metal: How does carbon fiber tubing compare to other materials? 碳纤维与金属:碳纤维管与其他材料相比如何?

This will though depend on the carbon fiber grade and laminate design. The differences can be seen on the “Properties of Common Carbon Fiber Laminate Designs vs. Metals” table on our “Properties of Carbon Fiber” page.


Drilling: Can I drill carbon fiber tubing? 钻孔:我可以钻碳纤维管吗?

Yes, carbon fiber tubes can be drilled. See below for helpful tips. -Bit: Jobbers carbide drill bit for composites (brad-point) -Spindle Speed: faster the better -Reinforce backside to prevent blowout. Can be done with tape, dowel, plug, or clamped to a sacrificial material

是的,可以钻碳纤维管。有关有用的提示,请参阅下文。-钻头:用于复合材料的硬质合金钻头(布拉德点) -主轴速度:越快越好 -加固背面以防止井喷。可以使用胶带、销钉、插头或夹在牺牲材料上完成


Galvanic Corrosion: Is galvanic corrosion a concern when bonding carbon fiber to metals? 电偶腐蚀:将碳纤维粘合到金属时,电偶腐蚀是否是一个问题?

Yes, carbon fiber is electrically conductive. Corrosion occurs by an electrochemical process where metal corrodes due to electrical contact, in the presence of an electrolyte. This can be prevented by insulating the tube with fiberglass (non-conductive). Often times, anodized aluminum and/or the epoxy layer can insulate enough to prevent galvanic corrosion.


Low CTE: What is the CTE of your carbon fiber tubes?低热膨胀系数:你们碳纤维管的热膨胀系数是多少?

Carbon fiber laminates have low CTE compared to standard metals. Laminate design can be modified to make zero/specific CTE’s. Reach out to our sales team for additional information.

与标准金属相比,碳纤维层压板的热膨胀系数较低。可以修改层压板设计以制作零/特定的 CTE。请联系我们的销售团队以获取更多信息。


Machining: Can carbon fiber tubes be machined?加工:碳纤维管可以加工吗?

Yes, machining carbon fiber tubes is relatively straightforward. See below for helpful tips. -Bit: solid carbide router bit for composites, diamond if available – Spindle Speed: faster the better -Feed: based on thickness (proprietary) -Reinforce backside to prevent blowout. Can be done with tape, dowel, plug, or clamped to a sacrificial material

是的,加工碳纤维管相对简单。有关有用的提示,请参阅下文。-钻头:用于复合材料的整体硬质合金铣刀头,金刚石(如果有) – 主轴速度:越快越好 -进给:基于厚度(专有) -加固背面以防止爆裂。可以使用胶带、销钉、插头或夹在牺牲材料上完成


Standard Tolerances: What are your standard tube tolerances?标准公差:你们的标准管公差是多少?

Standard tube tolerances vary based on size, diameter, material, etc.  Our standard tube tolerances can be found here: Standard Tube Tolerances标准管公差因尺寸、直径、材料等而异。 我们的标准管公差可在此处找到:标准管公差

Temperature (Tg): What temperature can your tubing withstand?温度 Tg):您的管道可以承受什么温度?

Our standard, high, and ultra-high modulus tubes are made with standard 250° F  cure epoxy pre-preg. We have not verified the Tg, but theoretical Tg is estimated at ~250° F. 我们的标准、高模量和超高模量管采用标准的 250° F 固化环氧树脂预浸料制成。我们尚未验证Tg,但理论Tg估计为~250°F

Temperature (Tg): Is high temp material available?温度(Tg):是否有高温材料?

We offer 350° cure, standard modulus, material as a custom solution. Higher temp material can be acquired but is on a per-part basis. Reach out to our sales team for additional information. 我们提供350°固化,标准模量,材料作为定制解决方案。可以获取更高温度的材料,但要按零件购买。请联系我们的销售团队以获取更多信息。

Twill vs. UD: What is the difference between the twill carbon fiber tubes and the UD carbon fiber tubes?斜纹布与UD:斜纹碳纤维管和UD碳纤维管有什么区别?

The simple answer – just the exterior ply of material. Unless noted on a specific product, all of our carbon fiber tubing is made with UD prepreg on the inside, and then will have either the UD exterior ply or a fabric ply. The twill carbon fiber fabric exterior is a popular choice as it provides the carbon fiber “look” that so many customers associate with carbon fiber. 简单的答案 - 只是材料的外部层。除非在特定产品上注明,否则我们所有的碳纤维管都是在内部使用UD预浸料制成的,然后具有UD外部层或织物层。斜纹碳纤维织物外观是一个受欢迎的选择,因为它提供了许多客户与碳纤维相关的碳纤维外观

Twill vs. UD: Are the twill carbon fiber tubes stronger or stiffer than the UD carbon fiber tubes?斜纹布与UD:斜纹碳纤维管比UD碳纤维管更坚固还是更硬?

Yes and no. It depends on the wall thickness and which property is of interest. If the tube wall thickness is the same, technical speaking, the UD exterior tubes will be slightly stronger and stiffer in bending (less than 10%). However, the hoop strength of the fabric exterior tubes will be slightly stronger. Again, this strength or stiffness increase is only a small percentage and will not be noticeable without precise testing equipment. It is advised customers choose between these options based on cosmetics, not strength. Another consideration is if holes are to be drilled into the tube, the twill exterior will resist splintering better than the UD exterior.


ROHS Compliance: Are your parts ROHS compliant?符合 ROHS 标准:您的零件是否符合 ROHS 标准?

Our standard carbon fiber prepreg is Considered ROHS compliant. A formal document can be sent upon request. 我们的标准碳纤维预浸料被认为符合ROHS标准。可应要求发送正式文件。

Return Policy 退货政策

Products can be returned within 60 days of purchase




Returns should include an RMA # (Return Material Authorization) issued by






Upon our receipt of the returned product, a full refund will be issued, minus a restocking charge of $10 or 10%, whichever is greater.   Shipping charges are not included in the refund. Exceptions to the restocking fee may be made if









We reserve the right to reject returns of products used or damaged by the customer or designated as non-cancellable or non-returnable.


No returns or exchanges on items that have been altered (any add on services: Sanding, Cutting,





is responsible for cost and insurance of return shipping. Exceptions to this may be made if return is