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Simple wooden cutting board, also can become fashionable adornment

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The simple wooden cutting board is a very good DIY decoration material. The main material of DIY hot among women in Europe, America, Japan and other places is the wooden cutting board used in our daily life.

Search sites on the chopping block, it will appear a lot of simple wooden cutting board, size is differ, but within 10 yuan to buy and exempt postage is really worthwhile, then used homemade personalized decoration, you will feel very interesting.

DIY wooden cutting boards are popular



Chopping block has a variety of shapes and sizes, but simple good wooden chopping block has been processed immediately and we can use the characteristics of and the features of easy DIY, according to their own like to complete the possibility of all kinds of decoration, just needs a few small kung fu and small ideas, so will be as a DIY decoration materials, in Europe and the United States between women cause craze.

Recommended for beginners DIY cutting board decoration


Wooden cutting boards don't need to need professional skills like processing timber, established on the chopping block to spend a little time can let the chopping block transformation, such as using a quote sticker, or brush on color, etc, for DIY beginner can also is very simple to complete.

So simple, anyone can easily challenge the cutting board decoration.

A simple transformation is carried out with the adhesive paper


Restick sticky paper to make the cutting board simple into a good decoration. Because cutting board itself has hole, hang on the nail on the wall directly so or use hemp rope to go up hang, or stand adornment, decorate a variety of ways.

Manly decoration


After being painted in a dark brown color, a cloth is used to cover the pattern or text with a seal, and the decoration is made with a masculine decoration. If you put leather ropes into the holes in the cutting board, the effect of the heavy hard air will be even higher.

Funny signature board decoration


Wooden cutting board can experience all kinds of different effects and customs simply by changing the original color of the cutting board. For example, after being painted white, the words or patterns are transferred onto the paper with the transfer adhesive paper, as shown in the picture, which becomes a very meaningful decorative signature board.

Coffee tray

A little bit of effort can make chopping block become coffee tray, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of starbucks at home. Tie it with a wrapping cord on the cutting board and make it instantly cute.

Cutting board decoration on walls where holes cannot be made

It's also great to decorate the wall with a cutting board, but when you can't make a hole in the wall (you can't use the hole in the cutting board to hang it up), you can use nail glue to stick to the wall and tear it off. Or leaning against the wall, with a thumbtack on the picture, very interesting.

Used as a plant-green pad

Wooden cutting board itself with a feeling of warmth and natural wood, so is shown in figure so as plate use of green plants, following a colorful cloth pad to manual cup mat, atmosphere suddenly came out, fashion atmosphere. Actually, there are all kinds of ways to use the cutting board according to its use, which is very pleasing.

Jewelry collection

Small hooks on the cutting board can be used for jewelry collection. Long pieces of jewelry can be arranged vertically or hung vertically. It is also a good way to decorate the room.

Advanced cutting board DIY decoration examples

Antique decoration

Transform the wooden cutting board with sticky paper, and then decorate it like this, turning it into a tasteful antique decoration. Put in the room, beautiful melody seems to flow, deduce a fashionable and relaxed space atmosphere.

Handcraft the decoration of feeling drawing group

Decoration of knitwear on a cutting board printed with words. Warm design, look also can let the mood calm down.

As a clipboard

Cutting board can be used as a clipboard, plus some lace edge, leisure atmosphere, can be pinned between calendar postcards.

Imitation flowers and dried flower decoration

When a small metal bucket or sack is attached to the cutting board, dry flowers can be inserted or artificial flowers can be hung on the wall. The kind of flower can change according to the change of the four seasons, can bring fashionable seasonal feeling, hang in corridor or porch place most appropriate.

Welcome board

The cutting board can be decorated as a special welcome board for the small shop. Of course, it's fun to hang a piece on your door. Use the color restoring ancient ways on small wooden cutting board, as shown in the picture processing, even if put on the shelf of the room to decorate, or hang on the wall, also can bring a sense. The word above can change of course, adornment method also can change of course.

There are all kinds of decorative methods


The cutting board is studded with metal box shell, and the method of green decoration is very creative





Simple DIY, personalized decoration, so you must try it.

It doesn't cost much to buy a cutting board, and you can start DIY when you get it. With just a little bit of effort, there are all kinds of decorative ways to open your creative mind. Because it is a relaxed thing to decorate with the cutting board itself, the most important thing is to be completely personalized, try you know, a very attractive way to play.