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Greatwood Holdings Limited

Greatwood Holdings Limited is an international trade group primarily doing business in forest material resources, meeting the needs for the worlds large building materials companies such as Home Depot, Lows, and B&Q and specializing in wood and wooden products production and marketing. The business covers mainly logs, sawn timber, wood veneer and particle board, supplemented by cutting boards, chopsticks, wooden tea trays and bead bracelets for flagship brands. It also supplies auxiliary materials such as coconut fiber and livestock products like oxen and donkeys, etc.

Greatwood Holdings Limited is working on improving marketing supervision, controlling the worlds wood resources, collaborating with manufacturing groups in various countries, using a green forest management system, maintaining natural wood resources and providing sustainability as well as supply stability.

We have accumulated years of import/export experience in the building materials industry, and in wood transaction and conveyance . Greatwood Holdings Limited has a professional team to deal with international forest certification, wood procurement, warehouse transport and sales.

Greatwood Holdings Limited works with international certification organization, maintains the natural environment , always abides by green principles, promotes the forest management system. It also realizes complementary relationship of wood resource production and factory marketing supervision as well as the coherence of wood production and marketing.

We especially focus on protection of the environment and quality of products. Our products have been certified by forest management certification, SGS, Japanese Plywood Association, SP and ISO. In the field of environmental protection, we advocate the control of formaldehyde in strict accordance with international standards (Japan JIS & FAS, European EN, American CARB).


2017 Greatwood “The Belt and Road”to Vietnam

2017 A series of foreign exhibitions——Aug.23-25 Vietnam VIFA WOODMAC


Vietnam VIFA WOODMAC Opening Ceremony

Aug.23-25,Vietnam VIFA WOODMAC held in Pingyang exhibition center.

The exhibition is jointly sponsored by HAWA and Singapore Pablo Group(Asian Board and Furniture).Undertake by Shanghai Pablo Exhibition Co.Ltd.

   The most influential brands of the two Southeast Asian wood and wood fields bring together the first Vietnam VIFA WOODMAC Exhibition for you.

   The Vietnam Furniture Association (HAWA) represents and maintains the interests of all enterprises in the Vietnam wood processing and furniture industry.HAWA gathers all the producers in the furniture field.Vietnam international furniture and household items expo is the holder of VIFAHOME Exhibition(every November facing Vietnam domestic market)and VIFAEXPO Exhibition(every March facing furniture export market).


Greatwood booth

2017 Greatwood “The Belt and Road”to Vietnam

The 12th Vietnam International WOODMAC Exhibition


Oct.18-21,Vietnam International WOODMAC Exhibition was held in Xigong Convention and Exhibition Center.

Vietnam International WOODMAC Exhibition is held every two years(single year). 2017 is the 12th session. There are 15500 ㎡ exhibition area and 280 exhibitors from 25 countries with 610 booths. They come from China, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Australia, Switzerland, Thailand, the United States, Israel, Taiwan, Vietnam and so on. The exhibition attracts nearly 20000 professional audiences. Exhibition area of China exhibitors on last exhibition(2015) is more than 700 .


Greatwood exhibitors


Greatwood staffs talk with customers

2017 Greatwood The Belt and Road”Danang Vietnam APEC——The first FSC Asia Pacific Trading Forum


2017,11,7-2017,11,8,the first FSC Asia Pacific Trading Forum is held in Sheraton Hotel in Vietnam Hanoi.

Precious exchange opportunities for product supply and marketing

International customers contact with suppliers in Asian Pacific region

Include FSC certified paper and wood, especially the fast-growing fields in recent years


Visit local FSC certified woodlands,manufacturers

Wine and dinner party


Two forums in the morning and afternoon respectively, reporting and sharing of leading enterprises in the fields of paper, packaging, furniture, architecture, rubber and other fields.


Greatwood staffs and customers


Group photo of FSC Asia Pacific Trading Forum participants


Our companys staff and the director of the Vietnamese Forestry Bureau

2017 Greatwood The Belt and Road to Guangxi——ASEAN Expo Forest Exhibition


11,7,noticeable ASEAN Expo year-end ceremony——2017 ASEAN Expo Forest Exhibition opening ceremony is held in Nanning International Exhibition Center

The exhibition is around Chinese - ASEAN forest industry chain, based the theme of “bringing together the latest forestry science and technology, showing new life of green and environmental protection”.There are 8 exhibition areas, including mahogany furniture and mahogany arts and crafts, furniture and wood bamboo carving crafts, wood-based panels and wood structures, forestry equipment, garden of flowers and seedlings, economic products under forest, forest products at abroad, development and cooperation of forestry economy, a total of 25000  exhibition area. Exhibitors come from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Kampuchea, Malaysia, Indonesia and other forest resources-developed ASEAN countries. It  is the seventh consecutive year for Vietnam to participate the exhibition in group.


Risowood booth


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