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Dubai wood exhibition-2018 Greatwood Holdings Limited foreign exhibitions

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【Exhibition time】12-14 March 2018

【Venue】Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Asia


【GREATWOOD Booth】 Hall 7 -F26

Greatwood Holdings Limited is an international trade group primarily doing business in forest material resources, meeting the needs for the worlds large building materials companies such as Home Depot, Lows, and B&Q and specializing in wood and wooden products production and marketing. The business covers mainly logs, sawn timber, wood veneer and particle board, supplemented by cutting boards, chopsticks, wooden tea trays and bead bracelets for flagship brands. It also supplies auxiliary materials such as coconut fiber and livestock products like oxen and donkeys, etc.

Greatwood Holdings Limited is working on improving marketing supervision, controlling the worlds wood resources, collaborating with manufacturing groups in various countries, using a green forest management system, maintaining natural wood resources and providing sustainability as well as supply stability.

We have accumulated years of import/export experience in the building materials industry, and in wood transaction and conveyance . Greatwood Holdings Limited has a professional team to deal with international forest certification, wood procurement, warehouse transport and sales.

Greatwood Holdings Limited works with international certification organization, maintains the natural environment , always abides by green principles, promotes the forest management system. It also realizes complementary relationship of wood resource production and factory marketing supervision as well as the coherence of wood production and marketing.

We especially focus on protection of the environment and quality of products. Our products have been certified by forest management certification, SGS, Japanese Plywood Association, SP and ISO. In the field of environmental protection, we advocate the control of formaldehyde in strict accordance with international standards (Japan JIS & FAS, European EN, American CARB). 

Exhibition introduction:

DubaiWoodShow is the only professional woodworking and furniture accessories exhibition in the Middle East, and it is an industry exhibition that the woodworking people of the Middle East must attend every year. The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 40 countries around the world. In 2016, the number of enterprises from Europe increased significantly compared with previous years. Many leading companies in the wood and machinery industries have participated in SCM, HOMAG, SOFITTTALY, POLLMEIER, FARLINTIMBERS, PVS, etc. The exhibition brings together many world-renowned associations. Such as the European woodworking machinery manufacturers association (EUMABOIS) Italian woodworking machinery and tools manufacturers association (ACIMALL) German machinery association (VDMA) Spain machinery manufacturers association (AFEMMA) American hardwood export council (AHEC), Quebec, Canada wood exports from Qingdao, China in lunjiao woodworking machinery association, China woodworking machinery association Malaysian timber council (MTC) Taiwan woodworking machinery association (TWMA) for you to promote the Middle East market, DubaiWoodShow is the best platform.

In 2018, it is estimated that there will be more than 500 exhibitors and more than 28,000 buyers from all over the world. DubaiWoodShow is the only professional wood industry woodworking exhibition in the Middle East. It is definitely the best chance to get the most effective customers and keep the old ones.

Exhibit area:

1, plank, furniture accessories categories: hardwood, cork and wood, plywood, decorative sheet from all over the world, particleboard and MDF board, and real wood floor, wood and plastic composite materials, wood veneer, wallpaper, decorative paper and forest products, wooden doors and Windows, wooden furniture, wood and plastic furniture, wooden handicrafts, wooden decorative materials, wooden furniture, cabinets, glue, solid agent, film, furniture accessories, hardware and other furniture accessories;

2. Woodworking machinery and tool accessories: Wood preliminary processing equipment (wood field equipment, Lumber-mill use equipment), wood drying equipment, man-made board production equipment, veneer production, press and cover equipment, woodworking sawing machine, planer, drill press, milling machine, lathe, mortise, makeup, refers to receive, edge banding, sanding, CNC machining center, coating, paint, all kinds of special equipment for furniture, panel furniture production equipment, soft furniture production equipment, wood products, floor production equipment, special equipment for wood production equipment, assembly and installation of machinery, transport and storage machinery, lifting equipment, frame, grinding machine, polishing machine, feeding equipment, dust collection and dust removal equipment, energy-saving, environmental protection, safety equipment, data identification instrument and equipment, Woodworking tools and saws, pneumatic tools, hand tools, woodworking machinery parts and accessories.