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India wood exhibition-2018 Greatwood Holdings Limited foreign exhibitions

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【English name】INDIAWOOD

【Exhibition time】8-12 March 2018

【Venue】Bangalore International Exhibition Center, India


【GREATWOOD Booth】 Hall 4 -A158

Greatwood Holdings Limited is an international trade group primarily doing business in forest material resources, meeting the needs for the worlds large building materials companies such as Home Depot, Lows, and B&Q and specializing in wood and wooden products production and marketing. The business covers mainly logs, sawn timber, wood veneer and particle board, supplemented by cutting boards, chopsticks, wooden tea trays and bead bracelets for flagship brands. It also supplies auxiliary materials such as coconut fiber and livestock products like oxen and donkeys, etc.

Greatwood Holdings Limited is working on improving marketing supervision, controlling the worlds wood resources, collaborating with manufacturing groups in various countries, using a green forest management system, maintaining natural wood resources and providing sustainability as well as supply stability.

We have accumulated years of import/export experience in the building materials industry, and in wood transaction and conveyance . Greatwood Holdings Limited has a professional team to deal with international forest certification, wood procurement, warehouse transport and sales.

Greatwood Holdings Limited works with international certification organization, maintains the natural environment , always abides by green principles, promotes the forest management system. It also realizes complementary relationship of wood resource production and factory marketing supervision as well as the coherence of wood production and marketing.

We especially focus on protection of the environment and quality of products. Our products have been certified by forest management certification, SGS, Japanese Plywood Association, SP and ISO. In the field of environmental protection, we advocate the control of formaldehyde in strict accordance with international standards (Japan JIS & FAS, European EN, American CARB). 

Exhibition introduction:

International woodworking machinery exhibition bangalore, India

The biennial international woodworking machinery exhibition in bangalore, India (INDIAWOOD), hosted by PDATradeFairs, India, is Asia's largest international exhibition of woodworking machinery, tools, equipment, accessories, materials and products. In 2000, the first INDIAWOOD attracted 103 companies from India and overseas to participate in the exhibition with an exhibition area of 3,000 square meters. By 2002, the exhibition area of the second session doubled, with 148 exhibitors. Bangalore exhibition in 2010, the Chinese exhibitors exhibition area by the last of 300 square meters, the rapid growth to more than 600 square meters, which are a symbol of Chinese products in India market space expands unceasingly, also reflects the Chinese authority exhibitors have chosen this professional exhibition is with good reason. Now INDIAWOOD has become India's most important woodworking machinery exhibition. Due to the great potential of the Indian market, the original 2 years INDIAWOOD far cannot satisfy the demand of the market, so since 2009 in the northern city of Delhi DELHIWOOD, since INDIAWOOD and DELHIWOOD will be held in bangalore and Delhi turns.

India is a member of the brics and G20, with a population of about 1.2 billion. With rapid economic growth in recent years, China has emerged as one of the emerging powers to revive the global economy. In recent years, India's economy has developed rapidly, and its growth rate is far higher than the world average. India has a large population, abundant labor resources, improved infrastructure and investment environment, developed financial and service industries, and increased external investment in recent years. India has attracted increasing attention with its huge market and economic potential. India's woodworking machinery industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the country's economy.

Since India joined the WTO in the early 1990s, the woodworking machinery industry has developed rapidly thanks to loose import controls. It also promoted the development of the Indian timber industry to mechanized mass production and the renewal of the whole industry technology. The boom in India's furniture and wood-paneling industry is the result of this shift and has contributed to the success of INDIAWOOD.

Exhibit area:

1. Wooden door, window, floor, decorative floor (furniture), kitchen aluminum product installation;

2. Production of woodworking machinery equipment and accessories for saw materials, thin boards, particle boards, MDF, OSB, LVL, splints and dashboards; 3. Drying kiln and related wood technology;

4. Milling technology equipment, accessories and tools, polishing machinery, dust removal equipment;

5. Woodworking machinery for joiner and furniture industry, wood -- products on plywood, products with soft cushions;

6. Processing equipment, processing equipment, woodworking tools, hand tools, portable electric tools;

7. Woodworking machinery equipment and accessories (hinges, knobs, handles, other hardware equipment);

8. Woodworking materials and consumer goods: sheet, plywood, laminate, particle board, MDF, multilayer solid wood, formed plywood, synthesis, etc.