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Chinese traditional tableware - chopsticks

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Chopsticks, one of the most commonly used tableware in the world and one of the symbols of Chinese food culture, were invented in China and later transmitted to Korean peninsula, Japan, Vietnam and other Chinese character culture circles.

Chinese people are used to ues chopsticks, while people in Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia and the Indian subcontinent grab with their fingers.

The earliest chopsticks found in China are copper chopsticks unearthed in Yin market, anyang city, henan province. 

King zhou was the ruler of the late shang dynasty, and it can be seen that ivory chopsticks have appeared in China more than 3,000 years ago.


The Chinese brand

What are real Chinese chopsticks?

First, the chopsticks are round at one end and square at the other. The round symbolizes the sky. The symbolic ground of the square corresponds to the celestial circle. This is the Chinese understanding of the basic principles of the world.

Secondly, when holding chopsticks, the thumb and forefinger are on the top, the ring finger is on the bottom, and the middle finger is in the middle.

Concept of Yin and Yang

The Chinese then follow the concepts of tai chi and Yin and Yang.

Tai chi is one, Yin and Yang are two;

Bifurcation means that everything has two opposites;

Two into one; This combination of Yin and Yang also means a perfect result.

Chinese people emphasize unity, for example, eastern civilization and western civilization are both originated from myths. The later generation of the west god separated, work by science, life by religion. And everything in China is united: he xiangu, tieguang li, lu dongbin, sun wukong, pig eight quit these gods are also human;

Chinese ideal and reality, soul and body are also integrated.

So, it must be Chinese to call the waiter in the restaurant "grab a pair of chopsticks". If "take two chopsticks", it must be a foreigner.

In zhouyi, there are Ming gossip: dry, kan, gen, zhen, xun, li, kun and du. Dark gossip: Hugh, life, injury, du, jing, death, surprise, open. There are two chopsticks which are two, which correspond to the eight diagrams. The chopsticks themselves are straight, and the long ones correspond to the "xun" hexagram of gossip, which means "entering".

When using chopsticks, one is active and the other is passive. Active for Yang, driven for Yin, this is the image of two instruments.

A pair of chopsticks is lying on the table, just like a pen lying on the desk.

The length of the standard

The standard length of chopsticks is seven inches and six minutes, which means people have seven emotions and six desires to show that they are different from animals in nature.

Chopsticks also have the function of acupoint, massage and scraping. Old people become a vagrant, as long as there is a pair of chopsticks, what's wrong with can get weigh in hand even forgot to take, easy to break off the branch or reed, broken, sharpening on the stone, the water washing, can also be used.

There are also a lot of things to be done with chopsticks. For example, you can only pick up vegetables from top to bottom, which is called "riding clip".


Send chopstick etiquette

Sending a new person means a perfect match and a happy birth

Sending lovers means never leaving in pairs

Sending friends implies equality, friendship and harmony

Sending a teacher long moral integrity in return

Sending old people means happiness and longevity

Sending a child to imply that long chopsticks grow quickly long

Sending foreigners implies that international friendship has a long history

Sending business friends implies that shuangmu into forest cooperation for a long time

Sending a loved one is a sign of both good and bad

Sending a housewarming implies a happy family and moving quickly


Usage etiquette

1. After picking up the food, it should not be put back on the plate.

2. Don't point your chopsticks at people or point your fingers and feet at them while eating.

3. Do not insert chopsticks into a bowl of rice or rice. This is a way of resettling ancestral offerings with ominous signs, see foothill.

4. Don't argue with other people's chopsticks.

5. You should not move your chopsticks (or spoon) in advance when attending a banquet.

6. In some countries, you wait for your guests (or the oldest person in the room) to start eating.

7, The table during a meal, have raise chopsticks, but I don't know which dish to eat, then do not use chopsticks move back and forth in each dish or swimming in the air, back and forth on the food tray instead of food but not.

8. Don't use chopsticks as props when talking to each other. Or knock on the table with your chopsticks and point to others with them. Put the chopsticks down gently after each use and try not to make any noise.


How did chopsticks come into being?

There is a legend about the birth of chopsticks.

Dayu was ordered to control the water.He was reluctant to waste time and kept cooking in the wild.Once, he cooked meat in a clay pot outside the field.When the meat was cooked, it was too hot to catch it.As he was in a hurry, he broke a branch and caught meat.Over time, they have developed the ability to feed on branches.His followers followed suit.In this way, the chopsticks gradually formed the prototype.Of course, any legend is processed.The story of da yu's creation of chopsticks is no exception.It's just a process of making chopsticks for hundreds of years.It focused on da yu, a typical figure.