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Panama has good timber

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Panama has just established diplomatic relations with China

The republic of panama is the southernmost country in Central America, with a total area of 75,517 square kilometers and the capital panama city.


But panama's most important role is the panama canal! The central panama canal, which connects the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific Ocean, is strategically important and serves as the dividing line between north and South America.


What kinds of Valuable timber do panama have?

1. Small concave rosewood

The product is called cocobollo, also known as cocoa polo. It belongs to a plant belonging to five genera and eight species of rosewood in the national standard of redwood. They are medium sized trees that can grow up to 20 to 25 meters. They are mainly found in Mexico, Belize, costa rica, el Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and panama in Central America.

Microconcave rosewood, belonging to the genus rosewood of the butterfly family, is classified as red acid branch in the national standard of "rosewood" (GB/T 18107-2000 rosewood), and is a secondary endangered species. Because it is mainly produced in Central America far from China, it has only begun to enter the Chinese market in recent years.


2. Berlitz sandalwood

Berlitz sandalwood is a large tree belonging to the sphenoidea family. It is native only to Belize and often grows along river Banks and arid areas. Name: Dalbergia Stevenson Standl. In annatto standard, belongs to the cocobolo, is black rosewood (has red acid branch), wood is very heavy, basic density of 0. 75 ~ 0.88 g/cm3, air dry density of 0.93 ~ 1.19 g/cm3, high strength.


3. A sandalwood from Central America

Mesoamerican sandalwood: Latin name: Dalbergia granadillo Pittier, mainly produced in Mexico, panama, etc. Wood characteristics: loose - hole material. The growth wheel is obvious. Heart material new cut surface dark red brown, orange brown to dark red brown, often with black stripes. The wood color looks like slightly concave sandalwood, and the general shape is like Belize sandalwood. The wood is shiny, the fresh cut is slightly fragrant and will disappear over time. The taste is not obvious or bitter; Texture until slightly staggered; The wood structure is fine to medium and slightly even. Very heavy, air-dry density O. 98-1. 22 g/cm3 (slightly different reported values), high intensity. Mesoamerican sandalwood, produced in Mexico, is the best of the central American sandalwood in terms of density, color and oil.


4.balsamo (not fragrant or sweet)

Balsamo: Balsamo is of high quality and belongs to sandalwood building. Pale red color, peacock tail shape on the surface of fine lines, with pleasant sandalwood flavor, hard and stable wood, uniform color, insect resistance, deformation resistance. Traditional rosewood, due to the lack of resources, can be called the best balsamo. Dry shrinkage, dry shrinkage (air drying) : transversely 1.8%, chord 3.5%, air drying density: 0.851.03g/cm3. Its place matchs household, domestic adornment should belong to annatto furniture or walnut.


5. Tonka

Tonka, two - winged beans, belonging to the family of leguminosae, sweet two - winged beans. The common commodity material is D.odorata. Mainly produced in South America.


6. Refrigeration vatai beans come in two varieties:

1) Guyana vatai bean (Latin name: V.guianensis Aubl.) Product name: Arisauro alizuro;

2) Brazil vatai bean (Latin name: V.paraensis Ducke). Product name: Faveira amargosa, fa villa amago.


7. Teak

Teak (Latin name: Tectona grandis L.F.), also known as cochineal, purple teak, blood tree, etc., is a kind of deciduous or semi-deciduous large tree, the tree as high as 40-50 meters, chest diameter 2-2.5 meters, dry straight. Bark brown or gray, branched four-pointed, stellate. Leaves opposite, maximal, ovate or elliptic, abaxially densely covered with grayish-yellow stellate hairs. Panicles large, autumn flowers, white flowers, fragrant. Teak is a tropical tree species, which requires high temperature, and its vertical distribution is mostly seen in low hills and plains below 700-800 meters high. Can enter medicine, also be the material that makes high-grade furniture floor, indoor and outdoor adornment. Teak is said to be myanmar's national treasure, so it is quite expensive. Teak material itself texture line is beautiful, contain gold silk so called gold silk teak.