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Malaysia has banned the export of rubber wood completely since July 1, 2017

2018-06-15 11:21:33 203

It was report at Kuala Lumpur, xinhua, China, that that country will suspend the export of rubber timber from July 1 this year.

It's said the ban included:

1. Rubber wood saw material outlet

2. Refer to the outlet of rubber wood sawing material. Prohibited export products include thickness and/or width more than 2.5 inches refers to the type of rubber wood sawn timber, combined with the number of less than 2 refers to the type of rubber wood sawn timber, used to refer to connect each piece of rubber wood sawn timber length of not more than 1 foot, and refers to the type of rubber wood sawn timber length more than 10 feet.

3. Artificial boards such as MDF and chipboard are not included in the ban!


Malaysia causes of the implemented completely rubber wood export ban: rubber wood furniture manufacturing industry is one of the main raw materials, exported to overseas markets in recent years, this led to the rubber wood raw material shortages, affect the normal development of the domestic furniture industry in Malaysia. The smuggling of rubber wood is a major reason for the shortage of rubber wood raw materials. Malaysian customs recently cracked down on two smuggling activities of rubber wood, with a total of 442 cubic meters of rubber wood seized.

The Malaysian timber industry council (MTIB) is authorized to enforce the ban and will work with Malaysian customs authorities to prevent smuggling.