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【Kingdom of timber】Greatwood holdings——The development of new materials is the key to occupy the future market heights

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The year of 2014 has passed by. Looking back on the trend of this year's timber market, many businesses have expressed a rapid decline like riding a roller coaster. In view of the "brutal" pullback of the timber industry in 2014, most of the businesses are relatively conservative about the trend of the timber market in 2015. In order to accurately grasp the market pulse and see the real trend of the wood market, the reporter visited Terry, the manager of Greatwood holdings.

Macroeconomics has great influence on the trend of timber market

In 2014, the overall performance of the wood market was weak. Both high-end rosewood and common solid wood were trapped in the dilemma of weak demand. Mr Terry argues that this is mainly due to a sustained slowdown in market demand, which is driven by macroeconomic trends. China's economy is full to the new normal transformation, the biggest change is the real estate in 2014 after 15 years of super boom, entered the adjustment, which is led to the 2014 economic downward pressure on the main factors that significantly increase, driven by the apparent decline in investment growth.

The macro-economic growth is slowing down, especially the downturn of the real estate industry, which has a huge impact on the furniture market. Therefore, the trend of international and domestic macro-economy in 2015 will determine the recovery pace of timber market. Terry analysis, due to the domestic economy in 2015 is the total tone "insist on maintaining stability", so for now, timber market is still in the first half of 2015 will remain relatively weak, the market of real recovery is the fastest also want to in the second half of 2015 to emerge. Therefore, every timber merchant should be prepared for a long war and properly control the timber inventory to avoid overstocking of funds.

Developing new timber will occupy the future timber market

Although the weak state of the wood market is difficult to change in the short term, the development prospect of the wood industry is very broad. At present, China's total timber consumption has reached nearly 500 million cubic meters, and its external dependence is as high as 50%, which will continue to increase. "The weak of timber market in 2014 is a short-term behavior, this is due to the too fast development of the market of deficiency fire cause overheating in 2013 exceeded the pace of the development of the market, at the same time under the economic slowdown and a series of factors impact was forced into the adjustment. As long as the market 'slows down', it will certainly return to the path of rapid development. "Terry analyzed.

"Rigid demand in the domestic market is very large, as a wood merchants to long-term thinking is not how many customers, but how much with the timber resources, especially the high quality timber resources. Timber resources, especially high-quality timber resources, are also non-renewable resources in a short period of time. This is why the price of mahogany and some rare hardwoods is rising year by year, and rising. Resource is little, the possibility that is used by the businessman to hype is increased ceaselessly, the risk that lumber businessman manages also bigger. Therefore, in order to occupy the development height of the future timber market, the most important thing is to have rich timber resources and develop more timber materials. If you have the resources, you will have the right to speak, or you will fall into the embarrassing situation of "making a meal without rice". To develop new materials, it's to get people to recognize and accept new resources, which can provide a new quality of timber, and it can provide a quality and affordable product for furniture and furniture, and it will dominate the market." "Said Terry confidently.

Hot material introduction

In recent years, due to the rising domestic timber demand and the increasing number of domestic merchants who develop timber resources abroad, the timber prices of popular timber varieties in the country of producing materials have been rising continuously, and the profits of dealers have been declining continuously. Terry believes that the development of new timber resources will become more urgent to achieve better economic benefits. After careful market research, Greatwood holdings will mainly promote the following kinds of timber to the market in 2015:

Chinese name:非洲代德苏木

The Latin name:D.africana Baill.

Trees and distribution:Big tree; Tree height up to 40m, diameter up to 2m; The trunk is straight and round; The height under the branch can reach 18m. Gabon and other central African regions.

Wood structure: wood with loose pore material, heart material light red brown or red, with green and brown stripes; Clearly distinguished from the side material.

Nature of wood: wood has luster; No special smell or taste; The texture is usually straight; Fine and uniform structure; The wood was heavy; Drying shrinkage; High strength, air dry density 0.91-1.01g/cm3.

Timber: used for building, furniture, plywood, Musical Instruments, sports materials, car crafts, decorations, etc.



Chinese name:阿那豆

The Latin name:Anadenanthera sp.

Tree distribution: South America

Timber structure: loose hole material. Heart pale brown to pink brown, always with black ribbon; The edges are tan or light pink. The growth wheel is slightly obvious.

Nature of wood: wood has luster; Texture irregularity and interlacing; The structure is thin and uniform. The wood is very heavy with a dry air density greater than 1.05g/cm3.

Timber: suitable for heavy construction, harbor dock, floor, sleepers, pillar, turning products, tool handle.



Chinese name:古夷苏木(南美古夷苏木)

The Latin nameGuibourtia spp.

Tree distribution: South America

Timber structure: loose hole material. The difference of cardiac edge material is obvious, heart material is reddish brown to purplish red brown. Side material near white or light yellow. The growth wheel is slightly obvious.

Nature of wood: the wood has luster and intertexture. The structure is thin and uniform. The wood core has good corrosion resistance, and the air dry density is generally greater than 0.90g/cm3

Timber: building, floor, shipbuilding, sleepers, carving, turning products, etc.