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Guangdong wood consumption quantity and structure analysis

2018-06-11 14:09:04 76


Guangdong is the most developed area of China's timber processing industry, according to incomplete statistics, recent have wood processing enterprises in more than 20000, among them, there are more than 6,000 furniture production enterprises, 89 plywood enterprises, 61 medium fiber board enterprises, 82 particleboard enterprises, 160 wood floor enterprises, 400 paper enterprises and so on. The number of employees in the production enterprises has reached more than 3 million.Guangdong timber processing industry consumed a total timber volume of 113,574,000 cubic meters, of which 33,129,100 cubic meters were logs, accounting for 29.17%. The volume of scrap timber products and small timber folding logs is about 88,444,900 cubic meters, accounting for 70.83%. In timber consumption:

(1)Paper: output was 19.1115 million tons, in addition to 200000 tons, according to the consumption per ton of wood 4.5 cubic meters of about 85.1 million cubic meters, consumption of pure wood pulp logs (including imported wood pulp), about 17.02 million cubic meters, accounting for about 20%; About 51.78 million cubic metres, or about 80 per cent, of waste paper pulp and timber were produced.

(2) man-made board consumption wood log volume of about 17.696 million cubic meters, among them, the specifications of wood log volume of about 10.9087 million cubic meters, accounting for 61.65%, small wood, brushwood, and leftover material waste log volume of about 6.7873 million cubic meters, accounting for 38.35%.

(3) production of solid wood floor requires 316,500 cubic meters of wood according to a cubic meter of wood production of 52 square meters.

(4) solid wood furniture production value of about 199.4 billion yuan, calculated at 30% woodiness material purchase, a total of 59.82 billion yuan, the consumption of wood log volume of about 7.1784 million cubic meters, of which: import about 7.1 million cubic meters of timber consumption. Another 2.792 million cubic metres of wood-based panels were not included in the province's timber consumption.