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The common types of wood, what do you know about them?

2018-06-11 15:26:09 79


There are many kinds of red wood and here are several kinds of commonly used wood:

  1. Korean pine: light and soft material, moderate strength, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, processing, painting, coloring, cementation. 

  2. White pine: the material is light and soft, full of flexibility, fine and even structure, good dryness, water resistance, corrosion resistance, good processing, painting, color cementation. White pine is stronger than red pine. 

  3. Birch: the material is a little heavy and hard, the structure is small, the strength is big, the processing, the coating, the adhesive is good.

  4. Paulownia: the material is very light and soft, the structure is thick, the surface of cutting water and electricity is not smooth, the dry property is good, does not become warped and cracked. 

  5.  Linden wood: slightly soft in material, slightly fine in structure, silky luster, not easy to crack, processing, coating, coloring, cementation. Not resistant to decay, slightly warped when dry. 

  6.  Shuiquliu: the material is slightly hard, with beautiful patterns, thick structure, easy processing, large toughness, good coating, adhesion and general drying. 

  7.  Elm: beautiful pattern, thick structure, high processing, coating, adhesion, poor drying, easy cracking and warping. 

  8.  Tussah wood: the material is hard, the structure is thick, the strength is high, the processing is difficult, the coloring, the coating is good, the adhesive is bad, easy to dry, easy to crack. 

  9. Beech: the material is hard, the texture is straight, the structure is fine, wear-resistant and glossy and dry, not easy to deform, processing, painting, adhesion. 

  10. Maple: moderate weight, fine structure, easy processing, smooth cutting surface, good painting, adhesive, warping when dry. 

  11. Camphor wood: moderate weight, fine structure, aroma, not easy to deform when dry, good processing, painting, adhesion.

  12. Willow wood: the material is moderate, the structure is a little rough, the processing is easy, the adhesive and coating performance is good. Slightly cracked and warped when dry. The plywood made of willow wood is called Philippine board. 

  13.  Rosewood: the material is hard, the texture is good, the structure is medium, the corrosion resistance matches, is not easy to dry, the cutting surface is smooth, the coating, the adhesive is good. 

  14. Red sandalwood: hard, textured, thick, durable, glossy, smooth cutting surface. 

  15. Man-made board, commonly used three - plywood, five - plywood, fiber board, particleboard, hollow board, etc. Because the combination structure of all kinds of man-made board is different, can overcome the drawback such as lumber distension and contraction, warping, craze, so use in furniture, have a lot of superiority.